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Jiaxing Sanyang Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the northwest of Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is located in the triangle center of Haiyan, Haining and Jiaxing Nanhu District, close to Shanghai. It is a modern agricultural enterprise with three-dimensional ecological cycle technology in recent years. It is mainly engaged in three-dimensional rice field ecological cycle breeding. The company was established in May 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and currently has total assets of more than 10 million yuan. mu.

The company focuses on “ecological farming as the foundation, food security as the focus, deep processing for development, technological innovation for survival, and brand building for efficiency”, thus creating a new “five-in-one” model of refined new agriculture.

Gradually improve the application mechanism of agricultural scientific and technological achievements transformation, seize opportunities, enhance independent creative capacity, increase the added value of agricultural products, and extend the agricultural product industrial chain. Through three to five years of hard work, we firmly believe that Sanyang Agriculture is like a sea voyage. After the baptism of the great winds and waves, the giant wheel will surely face the flourishing sun, sing forward and reach the other side of victory.

The company"s Sanyang rice loach ecological boutique park base is mainly a combination of farming and breeding ecological circulation system.The rice fields are surrounded by open-loop ditch to breed loach, rice is planted in the middle, and after the rice is planted, water is added, and the loach in the ring ditch swims into the field, eat the pests in the water, its excrement is the best fertilizer for rice.The carbon dioxide emitted by loach can be photosynthesis of rice, and the oxygen produced by photosynthesis of rice ensures the survival of loach.Nanhu Ling, planted in the ring ditch, is not only a major feature of Jiaxing, while increasing economic income, it provides cool conditions for the hot summer months.A large number of DuGua are planted on the banks of the ditch, like a yellow "lantern" hanging in the air, which not only provides a sense of coolness, but also has a relatively high output value and output, which increases income.After the rice fields are harvested, all the straws are sold in addition to the money, and the rest are fermented and processed by river sludge to produce organic fertilizer, which is then used for fertilization in rice fields.Such a three-dimensional ecological planting mode requires that no pesticides or fertilizers can be used in the production process, all of which are used by biological deworming and homemade organic fertilizers, so the whole process is completed under the operation of the agricultural product safety traceability,Can be traced.All kinds of resources in the ecosystem are recycled, and the waste water and waste generated are all reused and recycled, which not only saves resources but also increases income.A production model that realizes "a hundred pounds of fish, a pound of melon, a thousand pounds of grain, and ten thousand yuan".




Strive to become China"s most influential agricultural enterprise



Committed to Chinese enterprises to become stronger and bigger; lead Chinese enterprises to the world stage



Rejecting theory, focusing on actual combat, helping customers improve profits



Simple, focused, persevering



Keep promises, no excuses; absolutely obey, never give up

Corporate values


Customer: Everything is based on the value of the customer
Standard: Keeping the peak at all times, everything is the first target
Team: Working together, working together
Grateful: Be a grateful person and win respect with love
Responsibility: Responsible for yourself, responsible for the company, responsible for the society

Core Concept


Survival concept: Only the right way can last forever
Development concept: sacrifice the self, complete the big me
Competitive concept: Beyond self, tenacious
Sales concept: selling everything is for love
Service concept: customer-centric, service with love
Brand concept: brand creates value, value creates wealth
Wealth concept: money is the body outside, growth is the first wealth of life
Work concept: It is a trick to practice the simple method to the extreme.
Employing the concept: position first, ability second
Organizational concept: build the platform and achieve yourself
The concept of concept: ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people surpass goals, and excellence create miracles


Leadership Message

On behalf of all employees of Sanyang Company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all leaders, friends, all strategic partners and people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Sanyang Company!

After several years of hard work and hard work, I have struggled for many years. We worked hard to create the brilliant foundation of Sanyang Company and brought out the new sky of Sanyang Company. Make Sanyang Company an influential enterprise in Zhejiang"s agricultural field, and its products are sold all over the country.

Looking back on the past few years, we are in a state of turmoil; looking forward to the future, we are full of pride. No matter how far you go, it is only a short period of history. If you have achieved a few years of success, you can only represent the past history.

Today"s Sanyang, we will adhere to the rich cultural heritage accumulated over the years, adhere to the core values of “sincerely doing things, doing things seriously”, adhere to the company"s quality policy of “pursuing excellence, basing ourselves on the world, creating quality products, and satisfying customers” and insist on “ "People-oriented, pragmatic innovation, integrity management, and the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, with the "professional industrialization road" development direction, and strive to achieve "the most influential enterprises in the agricultural sector."

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